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Timeless sets a new standard for boat charter, personal boat sales and now introduces a new perspective on shared ownership…

Lifestyle Ownership Service

Imagine enjoying your own, brand new and most ‘wished for’ boat; from the tops super yachts, sailing or power cruisers/sports boats, right through to top of the range jet skis for a fraction of the cost. Including all ownership costs, crew for larger vessels, at a fixed price for three years.

We look after everything for you; just turn up and use your boat.
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Lifestyle Ownership Information

Timeless Franchise Enterprises

Organisation and management of boat charter has become our speciality. Using the benefit of modern marketing and management systems, a Timeless charter franchise can quickly lead in its locality and become known worldwide. We provide the systems to ensure fast market acceptance and success for our franchisees, by offering clients exactly what they want at a price they can easily afford. Timeless can provide luxury boats and an exciting franchise business, with a tried and tested formula, anywhere in the world. (Please enquire directly by email.)

Timeless Private Boat Sales

Only the best value boats, cutting transaction costs… just a fair, honest deal.

The complete service for your leisure, entertainment and relaxation time

Timeless “Lifestyle Ownership Service”

Beyond the Millionaire’s dream: a boat of your own, ready when you need it!

Purchase only the time you will use; total enjoyment at the fraction of normal ownership costs.

Avoid the significant service costs of boat charter. This is the new way to enjoy your own boat; both a rewarding and highly efficient way to use your valuable resources. Relax, forget your troubles and enjoy life!

A fixed all-inclusive price for three years use: your new, luxury dream boat to share with family and friends – fully managed with all ownership costs covered*… just turn up and use your own boat!

All vessels are purchased brand new and only used for three years. You also receive a proportionate share of the vessel’s resale value after this period.

Remember, every package can be shared between any numbers of family members of friends. Prices start from ~£13 per month (per person, in group of three) for a three year jet ski arrangement.

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What’s included?

  • Purchase and organisation of your vessel
  • Full equipment (including watersports)
  • Time allocation scheduling
  • Insurance
  • Marina fees
  • Maintenance
  • Daily cleaning
  • Winterisation
  • Daily checks and repairs
  • Mooring assistance
  • 24/7 emergency call out
  • Local knowledge and guidance handbook
  • Training as required
  • Crew and captain for larger vessels
  • And much more…

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